28. September 2016

Der Spotlight-Sprachtipp: Lerntipps – false friends

False friends can be tricky, annoying, interesting... and they can be fun.


Translate the following sentences:

1. That was on our list for next week.

2. Diese List wird sie ihm nie verzeihen.


1. Das stand auf unserer Liste für nächste Woche.

2. She’ll never forgive him for that cunning trick.

The English word “list” corresponds to Liste in German, whereas a German List is a “(cunning) trick/ruse” in English. Here, “cunning” is an adjective. But be careful: there is also an abstract noun “cunning”, which is like German List(igkeit) (or Schläue, Gerissenheit). The German phrase mit List und Tücke is “by cunning and trickery” in English.


I hope you found today’s tip useful.

Best wishes,
Owen Connors
Audio Editor, Spotlight



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