27. Januar 2017

Spotlight: It’s time for crime — Part one

Have you met Spotlight’s very own amateur sleuth, Ms Winslow? Forget Sherlock Holmes, forget Miss Marple. Dorothy Winslow is a detective to be reckoned with. The first "Ms Winslow Investigates" story was published in the January issue of Spotlight. Here is where it all begins…


Part one

Dorothy Winslow entered the kitchen on her first morning in Heroldstein to find her niece Lucy in tears, the twins chasing an escaped hamster around their mother, the air full of the smell of burning jam and Trotsky the dog barking hysterically.
Moving quickly for a 70-year-old, Dorothy turned off the microwave, opened the back door and pushed Trotsky into the garden. Freddie and Rollo she sent upstairs to get dressed, then caught and returned the hamster to its cage before turning on the kettle. “Lucy, dear. Where do you keep the tea?” she asked.

Finding the tea is no problem...


Part two

Finding the stolen property of the German aristocrat Amin von Weiden will prove to be a bit more difficult…

“Dear Frau Winslow, something terrible has happened … es ist einfach schrecklich! The Renoir has been stolen!”
“My word! Have you called the police?”
Armin looked nervously over his shoulder. “Someone left a message for me and I don’t know what to do...”

In no time at all Ms Winslow activates her international connections.


Part three

Ms Winslow cleverly tricks a suspect into coming to Munich Airport.

Shortly before 11, Dorothy and Armin — accompanied by a large man in an airport security uniform called Faisal — positioned themselves near the service centre in Terminal 2.
“How do you know she’ll come here?” whispered Armin.

Does Ms Winslow’s clever ruse work? And will Armin von Weiden get back his painting?

Find out by reading the first "Ms Winslow Investigates" crime story in the January issue of Spotlight magazine. The Ms Winslow stories are written by James Schofield exclusively for Spotlight.


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