29. September 2016

Spotlight: Sprachtipp - Lerntipps – false friends 3


False friends can be tricky, annoying, interesting... and they can be fun.


Translate the following sentences:

1. His lust for money and power knew no bounds.

2. Ich habe keine Lust, jetzt nach Hause zu fahren.




1. Seine Gier nach Geld und Macht kannte keine Grenzen.

2. I don’t feel like driving home now.

The German Lust haben auf is generally best translated with the verbs feel, like or want. English “lust” is a far stronger word than German Lust. It is used to express a strong desire, most typically sexual desire (sexuelle Begierde). “Lust” is also a verb: “He really lusted after her when they were young.”




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