29. September 2016

Spotlight: Sprachtipp - Lerntipps – false friends

False friends can be tricky, annoying, interesting... and they can be fun.


Translate the following sentences:

1. This ring is a gift from my mother.

2. Nikotin ist eigentlich eine Art Gift.



1. Dieser Ring ist ein Geschenk von meiner Mutter.

2. Nicotine is actually a kind of poison.

These two words are derived from the etymologically related verbs “give”/geben, but only in English has the original meaning been retained (in Old High German, the word was a synonym of Gabe). The English noun/verb “poison” comes from an Old French word that goes back to the Latin verb potare, which means “to drink”.



I hope you found today’s tip useful.

Best wishes,
Owen Connors
Audio Editor, Spotlight






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