28. September 2016

Der Spotlight-Sprachtipp: Kommunikation – letters and e-mails

You want to get back in touch with an English-speaking friend or colleague? Here’s what you should write. 

Letter-writing tips

Getting back in touch — how to make contact again after a break.

Hi George,

Do you remember me? It’s Suzi from Frankfurt. We worked together on the BAC project last year. How are you? How are things in London?

I’m sorry it’s so long since I last wrote. I’ve been really busy. I’m sure you have been, too.

Things are fine here. I’m still working at the same place, but there are a lot of new faces here now.

It would be great if you’d like to get back in touch. If I hear back from you, I’ll send more news in my next mail.

Best wishes,


Tips for writing e-mails

• An e-mail doesn’t have to be long. Three or four short lines are enough to make contact and to say “hello”. You can always write more next time.

• Many e-mails are informal. You can start with “Hi” or “Hello”. Remember that English speakers usually use first names at work.

How are things? means: “How is everything?”

I’ve been busy is always a good thing to say if you haven’t been in contact for a long time.

• You can use the word “still” to show that things haven’t changed since you were last in contact: “I’m still in the same job”; “I’m still with the same partner.”

It would be great if you’d like to... is a good way to open the door to communication. It says that the writer would like to hear from the other person again.


I hope you found today’s tip useful.

Best wishes,
Petra Daniell
Language Editor, Spotlight



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