29. September 2016

Spotlight: Sprachtipp - Wortschatz – new words 2

Every year, thousands of new words find a home in the English language. Keep track of the most important ones by looking at the cards in Spotlight magazine. We have a new word or phrase there in each issue. Start today by learning the one below.

garbage patch

“Those islands are located in the Great Pacific garbage patch.”

This scientific term refers to an area of ocean where large amounts of plastic waste from rivers, seashores and ships are brought together by ocean currents (Meeresströmung). Garbage is the standard North American term for rubbish or waste, and a patch is an area of land or sea that is set off (abgesetzt) from its surroundings (Umgebung).


I hope you found today’s tip useful.

Best wishes,
Inez Sharp
Editor-in-Chief, Spotlight



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