30. August 2016

Spotlight: World View living language, wie gut sind Übersetzungsprogramme?

World View

living language


Wie gut sind Übersetzungsprogramme? Jeden Monat werden wir an dieser Stelle eine deutsche Schlagzeile, einen Werbeslogan oder ein berühmtes Zitat von einem Übersetzungsprogramm ins Englische übersetzen lassen – diesmal von Google Translate.



In German, einmal can be used as a way of ordering or asking for something — in a restaurant, for example. “Once” or “one time” cannot be used in this way, however.


“When” and not “if” is needed here, because the article talks about people who are definitely looking for partners — there is no uncertainty, as would be conveyed with “if”.

The program has confused sie with Sie - sie is “they”.

The Northern Lights is another name for a natural light phenomenon in the sky, otherwise known as the “aurora borealis”. Someone from the north of a given country is called a “northerner”.

“Stay among themselves” gets the meaning across, but “stick to their own kind” would sound more natural here.

It’s easy to imagine what is meant by “make it a business”, but a better translation of aus etw. ein Geschäft machen is to “make money out of something”.

Someone like me, please