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Will I be able to find back issues of digital editions / audio CDs?

No. Contact our customer service team or order back issues here:

For whom is the digital edition / the audio download a better alternative?

For anyone who lives overseas and who has internet access. Subscribers to the digital edition will be sent the complete magazine as a PDF, or their audio download, directly to their device on the first day of sale. You also save money because we don’t have to send the magazine / CD by post!

Are digital versions of the exercise booklet and the teachers’ supplement available?

Yes. You can also receive our supplementary products digitally, in PDF format.


Can I listen to the audio download / the vocabulary trainer Spotlight express on all MP3 players?

Yes, the tracks are MP3 files and can be listened to on most devices.

I can´t listen to the audio download and read the transcript of the vocabulary trainer Spotlight express at the same time on my iPad. How can I solve this problem?

In order to listen to the audio file and read the transcript at the same time, you should use the app "Good Reader" (for the audio file) and the app "iBooks" (for the transcript).

I can see audio symbols in the digital edition. Why can’t I listen to the audio version of the article?

The audio symbol indicates that you can listen to the magazine content in our audio products. The digital edition is not currently linked to the audio files.

Is it possible to access the digital version with my user ID and my password?


Will all my digital editions / my audio downloads be archived?

Yes. Log in with your user name and password. If you have not ordered anything from our Abo-Shop until now, you will have to register first (see “Registration”). You will find all our issues in the download archive. Please contact our customer service team if you have any questions.


Can I also read / listen to my digital edition / my audio download / my vocabulary trainer when I am offline?

Yes. You can save the files on to your hard drive and access them whenever you want.

Where can I find the current and older episodes of the vocabulary trainer Spotlight express?

You can find all the episodes at:


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Please ask our customer service team about current delivery costs for individual products.

The postage is included in the subscriptions within Germany. For other countries, additional postage will be charged. See the table below for current rates:




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