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As a teacher, how can I take advantage of the free teachers’ service?

The teachers’ supplements contain classroom activities and photocopiable material for communicative language teaching. All the activities are based on articles and material in the current magazine and are designed to be used with little additional preparation on the part of the teacher.

Who can use the teachers’ supplements and how?

They are ideal for levels A2 to C1. Lecturers, trainers and other teaching staff who subscribe to Spotlight, Business Spotlight, Écoute, ECOS, ADESSO or Deutsch perfekt receive the teachers’ supplement free of charge.

Are special rates available for school pupils / course participants?

Yes. Please contact our multi-copy subscriptions customer service team.

Can I order class sets of previous publications?

You can order class sets of previous publications with a discount of 50 % (as long as stocks last). For single issues, we will invoice a flat rate for delivery, depending on the quantity. Please send your order, stating the school address, to:

Do you have additional grammar and vocabulary exercises?

Yes. For every magazine, there is an exercise booklet, which is not available in shops. You can purchase it directly from the publisher.

I would like to purchase all the products that go with one particular language magazine. Is there a special price?

Trainers and teachers who would like to purchase all the products belonging to a particular magazine (magazine, exercise booklet, CD, teachers’ supplement) can order the package for trainers. You receive a 25 % discount on the exercise booklet and the CD.


May I duplicate or make copies of your products?

No! You would need certified authorization to make duplicates or copies. Please also take note of our terms and conditions or contact our multi-copy subscriptions customer service team.


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Multi-copy subscriptions (5 subscriptions or more)

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Price list / terms of contract

Delivery costs

Please ask our customer service team about current delivery costs for individual products.

The postage is included in the subscriptions within Germany. For other countries, additional postage will be charged. See the table below for current rates:




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other countries





air mail

one-year subscription

10,20 €

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Terms of contract

Please read our general terms and conditions.